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Welcome to a practical and spiritual approach to befriending death & dying.

Ready to explore the complexities of death?


Join Befriending Death for a self-paced online education experience like no other.


Whether you plan to sign up solo, partner with a friend or work with the support of your therapist, this course is here to help with the practical steps of navigating the death and dying process.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with Befriending Death. Take your time exploring each module at your own pace (we recommend taking two weeks per module) with engaging assignments that cater to different learning preferences.


From music, journaling, exercises and documentaries available on Netflix, our online course helps you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of death and dying. Join us on this educational journey and discover a new perspective on life and mortality.

Course topics include:

  • Relationship with death and dying

  • Working with change, aging, sickness, accidents and death

  • Preparing for our own death (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and practically)

  • Preparing for loved one's death & difficult conversations

  • Bearing witness and being with the dying 

  • Grief & embracing Life 

Let's Chat About Death

At Your Own Pace Course - $197

Private 1:1 consultation with Eileen Spillane are available for an additional fee and can be booked here.

We would like you to purchase this book for some assignments in the course:
Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them) by Sallie Tisdale

***Course access will expire 6 months after registration date.

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