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Magnified Grass



A practical and spiritual approach to befriending death and dying.

This course provides an opportunity to investigate what’s important in our life and make changes that reflect that.

We'll bring curiosity as we explore and get intimate with our relationship around death and dying. We’re also going to get practical with the logistics, because at the end of the day, clear communication is the greatest gift we can leave our loved ones.

Course topics include:
- Relationship with death and dying
- Working with change, aging, sickness and death
- Preparing for our own death (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and practically)
- Preparing for loved one's death & difficult conversations
- Bearing witness and being with the dying 
- Grief & embracing Life 

$197 for the full course


Use the button below to purchase your course. In addition to getting access to our course, you will also be invited to our free community to share stories with others.

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